Imbued with Hong Kong heritage, but born and raised in the Netherlands, Im Fong’s bi-cultural background has nurtured a multi-faceted sensibility and an astute analytical skill which enable her to create and visualise compelling narratives. There may be no accounting on taste, yet Im Fong’s vision encompasses trends, ideas, opinions, and the occasional wink, and all with a single purpose: to inspire and instil fresh perspectives.

Selected publications + clients // FD Persoonlijk, Hunger, Sabato, ModMod, Winq, Viva, Marie Claire, Grazia, LINK Magazine, LINDA.meiden, De Bijenkorf, Vodafone, WBYDB, ROC Mondriaan, Miele, Secrid, Lucky Day, Staedion, Peroni, Mr. Jealousy, De Hypotheker

Photography RVDA